Friday, January 30th, 2015

Colin Graves Nominated For The Role Of Ecb Chairman

The England and Wales Cricket Board today announced that Colin Graves has been nominated for the role of ECB chairman by the 18 first class counties and the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC).

No other nominations for the post of ECB chairman were received and the candidacy of Mr Graves will now be put forward for election by the 41 members of the ECB.

They consist of the chairmen of the first class county clubs, the chairmen of the county boards in non-first class counties, the chairman of the Minor Counties Cricket Association and the chairman of MCC.

Election papers will be sent out shortly and the result will be known towards the end of February.

Colin Graves said: “I am most grateful and honoured to have been nominated by the first class counties and the MCC for the role of ECB chairman.

"I am especially grateful to Chris Grant of Derbyshire CCC for proposing me and to Clive Leach of Durham CCC and Norman Gascoigne of Warwickshire CCC for seconding me."