Thursday, February 14th, 2019


Pathway, club and school coaches in Worcestershire are reaping the benefits of a coaching development programme being premiered in the County and entitled ‘Challenge Cards’.

Worcestershire Academy Coach Elliot Wilson and Russell ‘Rusty’ Earnshaw from the Magic Academy are overseeing the project which got underway on Sunday at Malvern College.

It is continuing for another three dates through to the end of next month at the same venue.

The programme is being run in conjunction with Worcestershire County Cricket Club, Worcestershire Cricket Board and the Worcestershire Coaches Association.

It introduces coaches to tools for the development of themselves, their players and their environment.

The February 10 and forthcoming Sunday February 24 ‘Challenge Cards’ dates at Malvern College are for pathway coaches on both the boys and girls programmes.

The Sunday March 17 and Sunday March 31 dates at Malvern College are for club and school coaches across Worcestershire and the region.

Elliot Wilson, explaining the benefits of ‘Challenge Cards’, said: “I have said for some time now that if coaches don’t get better, players don’t get better.

“We have a proud tradition at Worcestershire CCC of producing home grown players and this has been an opportunity to evolve and show the wider cricket community how we do it.

“The premise is simple:

– Make practice and training look and feel like the game.

– Challenge players individually within group sessions.

– Get players to develop tactically through problem solving.

“Challenge Cards provides an engaging opportunity for coaches, clubs and school to do things differently.

“I hope they lead to better experiences for young cricketers who feel engaged and motivated through great interactions with their coaches.

“This in turn will create a positive image of game and clubs here in Worcestershire.”

The initial ‘Challenge Cards’ day on Sunday has already received a positive response from some of the coaches who attended.

Pete Gale said: “Interesting afternoon. Rusty is very challenging in a good way.”

Front Foot Sport remarked: “Interesting and challenging day with WCCC and The Magic Academy at Malvern College.

“Always good to be challenges in the way we coach and teach. Felt like I developed and was challenge through the day.”

Chris Munn said: “Always good to get together with other coaches and share different ideas and get thinking outside the box.

“The challenge is making sessions look like the game indoors with 20 boys whilst keeping everyone busy..”

Coaches can sign up for the Challenge Cards Development programme by visiting

Coaches in the County who wish to obtain a set of cards can do so by contacting Elliot Wilson on email