Tuesday, June 27th, 2023


Worcestershire County Cricket Club welcomes the comprehensive Independent Commission for Equity in Cricket (ICEC) report, which was published today, and express our gratitude to those who have come forward to share their experiences in cricket. While the report does not specifically name any clubs or individuals, it offers wide-ranging recommendations for the entire game.

The Club maintains an unwavering stance of zero tolerance towards any form of discrimination or prejudice and wholeheartedly supports the England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) in its continued commitment to prompt action throughout the sport. In the forthcoming days the Club will thoroughly examine the report and its findings, in conjunction with the 44 recommendations.

Today’s ICEC report serves as a pivotal moment for further transformation, as cricket unites in its steadfast dedication to becoming an inclusive game that embraces all. The Club wholeheartedly acknowledges the need for continued changes in Worcestershire and cricket as a whole, to reaffirm and enhance its inclusivity and accessibility. We staunchly support the ECB’s ambition for cricket to become the epitome of inclusivity in England and Wales.

As illustrated in our 2022 Annual Report, the Club has prioritised EDI as a fundamental objective for the entire organisation in 2023. Over the past year, the Club has provided comprehensive training to all staff and board members, focusing on various aspects of EDI.

This includes confidential one-on-one discussions to address whistleblowing concerns, training sessions on understanding barriers within cricket pathways and the impact of unconscious bias, specialised training for stewards to detect and address abusive crowd behaviour, and anti-discrimination training for all staff members.

Additionally, eight senior staff members have been identified as EDI Leaders within the organisation and are actively participating in an Inclusive Leadership Program, and at New Road, extensive efforts have been made to enhance facilities and ensure greater accessibility. 

Fanos Hira, Worcestershire County Cricket Club Chair, stated “This is an important day for cricket, and as a Club, we need to consider all of the reports’ findings and recommendations and take immediate action. 

“The whole game needs to move forward together and address all of the issues with haste. There is a great deal we can achieve together as a collective, working towards the ECB’s correct aim of making cricket the most inclusive sport in the country and the game will be closely judged on it’s actions from this point forward.

“Worcestershire County Cricket Club is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.”

Individuals can avail themselves of the independent reporting services established by the England & Wales Cricket Board and the Professional Cricketers’ Association: equality@ecb.co.uk or equality@thepca.co.uk.

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