Friday, July 17th, 2015

Charlie Relishing Challenges Presented By Lv = Cc Division One Cricket

Charlie Relishing Challenges Presented By Lv = Cc Division One Cricket

Worcestershire paceman Charlie Morris is relishing the challenge provided by his first season of LV = County Championship Division One cricket.

The Hereford-born paceman admits it presents a harder challenge to take wickets in the top flight and has been working with bowling coach Matt Mason on improving aspects of his game.

Here Charlie, in part one of an interview on the Worcestershire website, gives his thoughts on how the season has progressed.

Question: How have you found your first taste of Division One cricket?

Charlie Morris: "It is certainly tough. We spoke at the start of the season about sides being more resilient and having more depth and to now experience that, you really do understand what that means and how it affects you in the game.

"So it has certainly been tough and at the same time being really enjoyable because we've played against some great teams and it has been interesting to put your skill sets on against some better players and see where you stand, show where you need to improve in your cricket in order to keep going forward as a team and a person."

Question: Matt Mason said you been working on different aspects of your game?

Charlie Morris: "You have to work harder for your wickets. Some of the pitches we have played on have been flatter and you need to be smarter with your bowling to get the wickets.

"It's not always about sitting in, it's about making something happen and from my understanding, that is what is required at the next level. You need to take 20 wickets to win a Test match and that's not going to happen unless you create chances.

"I found that's been more of the case in Division One than Division Two so there are things to work on but again it is just part of the learning curve and it's a great experience and one everyone in the changing room is enjoying."

Question: Are you working on moving the ball more?

Charlie Morris: "Sticking to my strengths is the key, so moving the ball, improving what I'm doing and also on working on taking wickets in the middle and latter stages of the innings when the ball is slightly older and you've got a fresh batter coming in.

"You've got guys coming in at eight or nine that can hit hundreds and it's working out them when you've bowled 15, 20 overs, maybe more, and still being potent with an older ball to get that wicket.

"That requires some thinking and strategy behind it and that's something I'm trying to work on and hopefully if I keep working hard on that aspect, there will be some better performances with the older ball I hope."

Question: "Has the way you are being used in games been changed, early on in the season you were bowling longer opening spells?

Charlie Morris: "It probably has changed a little bit, only since Saeed has come into the side, because obviously we know now he is going to wrack up a certain amount of overs and at the start of the year we didn't have him.

"The whole dimension of the attack is different. I don't think it has been specifically looked at in that way and Jack and Joe are still getting through long spellsand I still do the odd seven over spells.

"It depends on the pitches. They are obviously a bit drier now, we've had some great weather recently, whereas at the start of the season the pitches are more bowler friendly.

"The longer spells might suit the seamers at the start of the season whereas now you look at different options. "

Question: You and Jack and Joe formed chiefly a three pronged attack until Ed Barnard came into the equation?

Charlie Morris: "There is no denying it is tough to bowl as a three because you don't have as much rest time especially when you are bowling longer spells.

"Having said that, Jack and Joe have been outstanding, the way they have bowled this year has been remarkable, they have created chances and taken lots of wickets and to do that against some very good teams on pitches which haven't done an awful lot is credit to both of them and they thoroughly deserve all the success they are getting."

*Tune in to part two of Charlie's interview – plus interviews with Tom Fell and Jack Shantry – during the next few days on the Worcestershire CCC web-site.