Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Charlie Learning To Be More Aggressive In Approach Towards Batsmen

Charlie Learning To Be More Aggressive In Approach Towards Batsmen

Worcestershire paceman Charlie Morris admits he is learning to be "a bit more nasty" and aggressive towards opposing batsman.

Morris, who needs one more wicket to reach 50 in the LV = County Championship this season, accepts such an approach does not come naturally to him.

But he has listened to advice from his recent new ball partner, Mitchell McClenaghan, and seen how the likes of Dale Steyn and Brett Lee can be "Mr Nasty" on the pitch but switch to being humble characters when not in action.

Morris said: "Mitch was great like that. Any international player that comes in, you learn so much off them very quickly.

"They've got that much experience. Certainly Mitch, a lot of what he spoke about, in four-day cricket, plans and what to do at certain times of the game, was really eye-opening.

"Hopefully I can use that information that he gave, and use it in games and hopefully get that slight more of an edge on my performance."

When asked if it comes natural to him to be aggressive towards batsmen, Morris said: "I guess that's cricket and professional sport. It's a bit of a show in some ways.

"That's not the way I would have really looked at it a couple of years ago. If you think about it, that's how it is.

"There are a lot of fast bowlers in the world, Dale Steyn, Brett Lee, who have been very hostile on the pitch but off the pitch are very humble and very nice people.

"I think you have to kind of find that way to switch on. When you are managing to switch on at the right time and be aggressive, it is definitely necessary especially towards the tail-enders who don't really like aggressive spells.

"It is certainly something Mitch has helped a lot with in terms of talking about when to get aggressive at what point in partnerships and stuff.

"I don't think it comes too naturally but I am working on it and hopefully that will come through.

"I am learning and hopefully I can learn to be a bit more nasty."