Saturday, October 1st, 2016

Bumpy Says Worcs Ccc Players Will Benefit From Playing Abroad This Winter

Director Of Cricket Steve Rhodes says Worcestershire's players will reap the benefits of continuing to play throughout the winter – and cites the example of former New Road opener Phil Jaques.

The domestic season may be over but many members of the playing staff will again be playing grade cricket in Australia for the next five months.

Rhodes has approved for 10 players to head Down Under, details of which will be announced in the next few days.

The former England keeper is a big believer in players developing and improving as a result of playing as much as possible.

He said: "Often people say 'you've got to practice like you play to be any good' – take your practice as seriously as your playing – but why not play? That is my attitude.

"I saw in Phil Jaques, a lad who had back to back seasons, in Australia-England-Australia-England, and as a batsman physically you can do that.

"I think one of the reasons he improved so rapidly as a player is because he had back to back seasons.

"He had double the knocks of other people, and double the chances, and if that happens then you are going to have double time in the middle and therefore you are going to speed up your development in double time.

"That is my attitude towards playing cricket non-stop.

"Joe Clarke benefitted from his season with South Perth two years ago and George Rhodes came back from North Canberra Gungahlin last winter a better player so playing non-stop is a good thing.

"The negatives are, of course, sometimes burn-out, particularly with bowlers, and we want to try sometimes look after them if they have had a really heavy summer over here.

"But most of our bowlers are going abroad this winter but they are strong enough to cope with that and will reap the benefits I have already mentioned."

*Details of the full list of players heading abroad and their respective clubs will be confirmed during the next few days.