Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Bumpy Reaction To New Road Triumph Over Gloucs

Director Of Cricket Steve Rhodes has given his reaction to Worcestershire’s 189 run win over Gloucestershire in the Specsavers County Championship at New Road.

The County have equalled the six victories they achieved in 16 matches last season in just 11 matches this summer.

Rhodes said: “Absolutely delighted. It was actually quite a difficult pitch to bowl people out on, particularly for the seamers.

“If you were determined to play straight and get forward, then it was very difficult. There was the occasional low ball but it was a pretty flat pich in that sense.

“For the spinners and in particular Ashwin, who bowls well on most wickets, he found it tough as well but he found a way of picking up some crucial wickets.

“He had eight wickets in the game and two little contributions with the bat.

“With the ball, the seamers put in a whole-hearted effort. Barny’s spell in particular in the first innings was crucial to us because he got three wickets quite quickly.

“Obviously Ashwin’s contribution was great.

“With the bat, there were various contributions all the way through and it was nice to see people contributing throughout the batting but Daryl stood out.

“His innings was fantastic in the second innings. People would argue that Dolly got two fifties but that hundred also from Mitch was pretty special.

“Thankfully we were in control from the start and more than often in cricket matches, it toos and fros a little bit more.

“But there is still pressure on today because some rain potentially was coming in and we knew we might lose some time.

“Gloucestershire battled hard. They didn’t throw the towel in. Jack Taylor was outstanding again versus Worcestershire which is bloody annoying to be honest!

“I thought Phil Mustard’s innings was special as well. He had a lot of patience. He got beaten a lot by Ashwin but he hung in there.”