Thursday, December 8th, 2016

Bumpy: Man Management-Motivation Skills Key Qualities Of New Captain Joe

Steve Rhodes says Joe Leach's man management and motivational skills are important qualities he possesses for his reign as new Worcestershire CCC captain.

The County's Director of Cricket believes having those sort of natural traits are key whereas a captain can learn and gain tactical abilities with experience.

Rhodes also feels that Leach will have enough experienced heads on the field alongside him to negate the risk of over-bowling himself in his new role.

Leach is the first official captain not to be a fully fledged batsman since Norman Gifford with his successors Phil Neale, Tim Curtis, Tom Moody, Vikram Solanki and Daryl Mitchell all occupying top five slots.

But Rhodes said: "To me with captaincy, it doesn't really matter to me what role you do, whether a bowler, all-rounder or a batsman, wicket-keeper.

"It is a lot about character and what excites me about Joe's qualities are things like his man management which I feel will be very good, his enthusiasm for the job will be seen by everybody.

"The way he performs motivates others and I do feel confident he can transfer his skills at motivating himself to motivating others as well. I think that will go well.

"Am I concerned Joe might over bowl himself as captain? On that subject, there are some good people around him.

"There is Daryl (Mitchell) himself still on the field as an experienced player and former captain.

"There is Ben Cox behind the stumps who knows when it is time to make a change.

"Already those conversations have happened in the sense of if people say it's time you bowl, it's time you bowl. If people say it's time you need to come off, then he will bear that in mind.

"He will be the on field leader of the group and leading the dressing room and I'm pleased we can give him the opportunity to do that.

"As far as his tactical side of cricket and on field management, that will remain to be seen. We haven't got a crystal ball and can't see totally into the future. But the other attributes I think are far more important.

"You can always learn tactics, learn captaincy. But actually having someone who does motivate people, who does manage people well, those are the skills that are really important."