Friday, June 19th, 2015

Bumpy Gives Reaction To Rapids Triumph Over Derbyshire Falcons

Bumpy Gives Reaction To Rapids Triumph Over Derbyshire Falcons

Worcestershire Director of Cricket Steve Rhodes gives his reaction to the Rapids eight wicket thrashing of Derbyshire Falcons in the NatWest T20 Blast – their second win in 24 hours after the nail-biting away triumph over Lancashire Lightning.

Question: a very professional display?

Steve Rhodes: "I was so proud of the boys because yesterday was such a tight one, too-ing and fro-ing with the result.

"Today we just came in and smashed them and I was really delighted. Mitch wanted an 'A' game today and he got it.

"The way we bowled initially, took wickets, obviously they struggled then to get going and then the manner in which our strikers played to knock the runs off, I think we were on target for 230, 240, 250.

"But we shouldn't forget Daryl's innings. Although he was only 30 odd not out, it was very important that someone should bat through for us and the other ones smashed it around him so I was delighted.

"A great game from Moeen, with bat and ball, and showed his real class. It makes you wonder sometimes why he is not involved in the ODI series and T20 with England."

Question: It could have been a bit of a tricky chase but the Moeen set off, it was never going to be?

Steve Rhodes: "He was determined to play very positively. The way he went about hitting that first ball for four, you knew what mood he was in.

"It was a really special innings. I was amazed by what was almost like a forward defensive stroke which went for six which was just crazy.

"These guys are very talented, we do a lot of hitting from the middle of the wicket and it shows when they get the ball over the boundary edge."

Question: After the fantastic win at Old Trafford, it was important to back that up tonight?

Steve Rhodes: "Exactly that. The two games, four points, we are just delighted and we need to keep things going now. We've got Northants next week and hopefully we will have a good game against them.

"But for the crowd who turned up today, they saw some special hitting and a good bowling and fielding performance from Worcestershire and hopefully it will entice them to come back next Friday against Northants."

Question: Five win from seven games, at the half-way stage you couldn't have asked for anything better?

Steve Rhodes: "No I'm delighted and I think the lads have got confidence as well.They know that on any day we can beat any of the teams and that's really important, to have that confidence going forward because, if we can qualify, which is what we want to achieve, when you get to that knockout stage, it's very much on the day."

Question: These two wins have been a fantastic way to bounce back from a difficult start to the week?

Steve Rhodes: "Exactly that. I was so delighted yesterday with Coxy and Dolly because they were put under the pump and for them to get us through, showed a hell of a lot of resolve and I was really pleased.

"It had been tough against Warwickshire but then the second team went and thrashed Warwickshire twice the next day.

"We've got some terrific youngsters, some who are even younger in the second team who are pretty good as well."