Monday, July 3rd, 2017

Bumpy: Day-Night Experiment “probably Worth Persevering With”

Bumpy: Day-Night Experiment “probably Worth Persevering With”

Steve Rhodes believes the experiment of playing day-night County Championship cricket is "probably worth persevering with" to see if it does attract an after work audience to watch the four-day format.

Worcestershire's Director Of Cricket feels last week's match at Durham – which began at 2pm with a pink duke ball – was difficult to judge because of the poor weather.

The final two days at the Emirates were washed out – a contrast to the heatwave of the previous week.

Rhodes said: "The whole idea is to have an audience that comes to cricket after a day's work and, sadly with the weather being very wet and cold, it was very difficult to get a decent crowd in.

"If anything, on those two days where there was play, it got to the latter stages in the evening where people were going home rather than coming in because it was so cold.

"It was difficult to assess because of the week's wet weather as regards how successful it was.

"In some of the areas where the sun shone a little bit more, they might have a better opinion of it.

"Is it an experiment worth persevering with? I think it probably is worth persevering with it. They are hoping we can attract lots of people after work.

"If that does work, then happy days. It's all about entertainment, all about getting people in to watch."