Friday, May 15th, 2015

Bishop Of Hereford Joins Commentating Team At New Road

Bishop Of Hereford Joins Commentating Team At New Road

The BBC Hereford-Worcester commentary team at New Road were joined in the radio box as part of their team for the day by the Bishop of Hereford today.

The Right Reverend Richard Frith, who is a staunch cricket fan, sat alongside Dave Bradley and Trevor Owens on day two of the Worcestershire-New Zealand game.

He acted as summariser for the majority of the day but was given his chance to commentate when Moeen Ali came onto bowl in mid afternoon.

Richard, who is the 105th Bishop of Hereford, said: "I've been thrilled to do it. I've always wanted to do something like this but it was really set up through Anni Holden, our press officer in the diocese.

"She knows I'm fanatical about cricket and she knew one or two of the people who are connected and set it up for me. I didn't actively ask to do it but once she had mentioned it I leapt at the chance and I have loved it.

"Dave Bradley and Trevor Owens were really welcoming and made it easy for me.

"I don't under-estimate having some complete intruder coming in and sitting with them for the entire day. They were really warm and welcoming and made it easy for me.

"They just lobbed me a few questions from time to time and then the real thrill came when I was just relaxing into it and Moeen Ali came onto bowl and Trev said would I like to commentate on an over rather than just summarising.

"I suddenly felt quite nervous and the second ball I was commentating on, Mark Craig hit for six so I enjoyed it. I've loved cricket since I was about five and this has been a great experience."