Monday, March 21st, 2016

Batting Coach Kevin Has Happy Memories Of New Road

Batting Coach Kevin Has Happy Memories Of New Road

Worcestershire batting coach-second eleven coach Kevin Sharp had happy memories of New Road long before he became part of the coaching set-up two years ago.

For Sharp hit his highest career score on the ground 38 years ago when skippering England Young Cricketers against their West Indies counterparts.

The former Yorkshire batsmen admits he was wound up by some of the Windies tactics – and ended 260 not out!

Sharp said: "It seems like yesterday. I remember beating the West Indies in the first Test at Scarborough. They had a good side and at Worcester in the second game they batted for a long time in their first innings and got nearly 400.

"They needed to bowl us out twice really to win the game. I remember getting the bit between my teeth because Bruce French got hit on the head.

"They kept bowling bouncers and he was suffering from a bit of concussion.

"It wound me up a bit so I had the bit between the teeth and it was one of those days where I felt very good.

"I was about 60 not out overnight (67) and by tea on the last day I had 260 not out. I got a hundred each session virtually.

"The game was dead then and was going to be a draw and I said to the lads shall I go on and get 300 or do you want to have a bowl at them.

"Graham Dilley was in the side and he said 'let's have a bowl' because they had been a little bit cocky.

"They had bowled a lot of bouncers and there was a bit of 'chirp' going on and they gave one or two of our lads a bit of a hard time.

"Dill was quite keen to run in for an hour at them and he bowled quick and gave them a bit back and we had them three or four down. It was a draw but quite entertaining for that last hour.

"It was one of those days, I was in prime form, hungry for runs. I had always liked Worcester. I've had a lot of affinity to Worcester and it's quite ironic to be back here now as a coach – and I'm loving it."