Sunday, October 13th, 2019


ben cox is planning for life after cricket with the launch of a ‘funky sports socks’ company which is already proving popular.

the worcestershire wicket-keeper batsman hopes to continue playing for many more years after completing his first decade at New Road.

but the astute cox is already looking to the future via hexxee socks in which he and best school friend jon holloway are joint ceo’s.

the initial signs have been encouraging with the first batch of socks having sold out since the company went ‘live’ last month.

cox said: “how did i get into this? i’m 100 per cent looking towards the future. my dad (tim) was a successful businessman. he is my role model and i want to be successful in everything i do because he has given me that drive.

“i’m fortunate enough to play professional cricket which gives me the chance to do this kind of stuff.

“in 20 to 30 years time, i want to be in the position that dad was in. that’s the goal.

“whenever i finish cricket, my goal is to have multiple streams of income already by the time i leave. property is the next one and i’m involved as an investor in a gym business as well.

“it is important for any player to have an eye on the day, sooner or later, when they have to finish playing for whatever reason – injury, being released, choosing to leave the game etc.”

cox, worcestershire’s professional cricketers’ association representative, added: “the sock company is going really well. we’ve been live about a month. the initial order of 500 socks is close to selling out and now we’ve made an order for another 4,000!

“it’s in conjunction with jon’s business already so we are just dove-tailing a separate branch of it.

“they are funky socks crossed with a functional sports sock. i’ve tried to create a sports sock that’s suitable for professional athletes but with the designs that people want.

“that’s the business model. functional sports socks crosses with the funky designs.”

to view the range of socks designed by ben – visit the website or visit hexxeeofficial on instagram to find out more.