Thursday, October 27th, 2016

Ambitious Ben Wants To Become “the Next James Foster”

Ambitious Ben Wants To Become “the Next James Foster”

Ben Cox has revealed his ambition to become "the next James Foster" – and with it earn the tag of "the best keeper in the country."

Worcestershire keeper Cox is a massive admirer of Essex and former England glovesman Foster who he believes has set the standard to try and emulate for many seasons.

But, although he is ambitious to match Foster and also play for his country, Cox says he is focusing on his performances at New Road.

He has brought the curtain down on another excellent campaign behind the stumps and also with the bat which led to him being described as 'Mr Reliable' by Director Of Cricket Steve Rhodes.

Cox said: "I want to be the next James Foster. I want to be the best keeper in the country. I want that tag.

"He has been the best for years. He is still phenomenal.

"What do I admire? His skill level seems to be so much higher than the rest. I don't now why. Maybe he is ridiculously talented. Maybe it came naturally, obviously a lot of hard work as well, and he is so consistent.

"If you take your catches, take your stumpings and never seem to miss anything, then you earn the right to that tag. He gets important runs as well.

"I don't suppose we are too dissimilar in terms of batters because if the side is in trouble, we both try and counter-attack. We generally score quite quickly.

"I say I want to be the next James Foster and after he retires I want to be the best keeper in the country."

Regarding England aspirations, Cox added: "In terms of an international place, ambition wise, yes, 100 per cent.

"If I keep aspiring to be the best keeper in the country….I'm just focusing on my stuff here, performances in the middle, because in the past I got excited about certain stuff like people watching you.

"It can be extra pressure so I am just taking care of myself, look after out there in the middle first and worry about that later."