Tuesday, February 10th, 2015

Ajmal Adds “two More Varieties ” To Repetoire As Icc Approve Action

Ajmal Adds “two More Varieties ” To Repetoire As Icc Approve Action

Saeed Ajmal says he has added two new deliveries to his repetoire after his remodelled action was cleared via an ICC biomechanics test in Chennai.

The Pakistan spinner, who picked up 63 LV = County Championship wickets for Worcestershire last season, revealed that his famed doosra ball was amongst those given the seal of approval by the ICC.

Now the 37-year-old has revealed he can now bowl "seam up" and a "carrom ball" which will be particularly effective in the closing overs of white ball cricket.

Ajmal, who was banned from international cricket for five months, said: "The ICC has cleared my five different bowling varieties, including the doosra.

"I will bowl all of my varieties and trouble batsmen with them.

"While serving the suspension and remodelling the action I have added two more varieties in my bowling arsenal.

"I can now also bowl seam up and for it I am thankful to Mohammad Akram (former Pakistan paceman) who worked with me on it.

"The other delivery I have learned is the carrom ball, which works like doosra.

"The carrom ball is a lethal delivery in the death overs to counter batsmen's slog shots, especially under the recent changes in ICC laws which don't allow more than four fielders outside the circle."