Saturday, September 5th, 2015

Academy Prospects Involved In Derby Clash With Warwicks

Academy Prospects Involved In Derby Clash With Warwicks

A Worcestershire CCC Emerging Academy X1 will take on their Warwickshire counterparts in a 50 over match at the Edgbaston Foundation Ground, Portland Road, Birmingham tomorrow (11am start).

The purpose of this fixture is for both Worcestershire and Warwickshire to look at players for possible involvement in Academy and Academy skill set programmes.

Worcestershire have included players who are part of the short-list of players chosen for consideration to be part of the 2015-2016 Academy intake.

Academy coach Elliot Wilson said: "I've never been comfortable with the idea of 'trialling' kids. It's just another part of us as a group of coaches observing these lads on where we think they are and what level of support we think we could offer them during the winter.

"We've got a good game coming up. We are playing against a similar side from Warwickshire and it's good for them as well because they will get to look at a bunch of their lads and we will see what we can make of it."

Worcestershire squad:

1. Chad Brandrick

2. Rahul Kaushul

3. Archie O’Hara

4. Xavier Clarke

5. Zak Smith

6. Billy Cox

7. George Newton

8. Ewan Wilcox

9. Musharraf Shazad

10. Adam Finch

11. Ryan Wheldon

12. Matt Davis