Wednesday, March 4th, 2020


on a statutory basis wccc recorded a loss before taxation of £89k in 2019, which is £213k worse than the £124k profit recorded in 2018.  on an underlying basis wccc’s performance was more adverse. using management accounts, wccc estimate on an underlying basis that for 2019 the loss before taxation increases to £492k which is a very sharp £627k decline in profitability compared to 2018 results.

both on a statutory and on an underlying basis, the board viewed 2019 commercial performance as disappointing. further updates on statutory financial performance will occur later this week.

the focus is to improve commercial performance at wccc and also to market and promote all forms of cricket played at New Road.

any new commercial improvements, we feel, should not, wherever possible, be through charging members more. if anything, new commercial deals secured such as with drinks suppliers, will be passed on to our members in terms of cheaper services and offerings. more information to follow.

the downward commercial trends of 2019 prompted a decision to restructure; with a simplified structure with more focussed, specific roles and responsibilities. we will continuously review matters at wccc. our working assumption at this stage is that we will not hire a ceo.

for more information please refer to 2019 chairman’s report published on 4th march 2020.